The Escort And The 23-Year-Old Virgin

Values change when you’re bored with the regular order of things. For most virgins, the frustration and stress that comes with not experiencing sex is just too much for them to bear. While conservative societies view virginity as a gem between a woman’s legs, the virgin woman in question would have a different view on the same. This is what has pushed several women across the world to seek the services of male escorts.

Olivia had never had luck with boys. It’s not clear who was at fault. Maybe she was too shy, or she met dudes who just couldn’t make a move on her. Whatever the case, Olivia still knew that she was missing one thing, and was willing to change the status quo by finding herself a man to break her virginity and make her own experience of sex for the first time.

Back then, Olivia didn’t want to date a man just to get laid. The idea of hooking up with random guys wasn’t very reasonable to her. But while her heart and mind said no to causal sex, her biological clock was saying something different. Biology was literally pushing Olivia’s ovaries into a state of wild frenzy. The message was clear, and it could not be ignored anymore.

The simplest approach for her would be to surf the web and find out where the male escort websites were. She had read stories of other girls who got tired of being labeled a virgin and were looking for male escorts. At least this was an assurance that she was not the only girl hooking up with cheap escorts!

She decided to go all out for this one and flew over to London for a concert. Apparently, Beyoncé was performing in London and this was the perfect opportunity for Olivia to experience these things for the first time. She had done her research in advance; after an hour in her hotel room the doorbell rang.

Olivia opened the door to see one of the most handsome men she had ever been in close contact with. “Hi, I’m Josh”, he said. Without a word, as she was tongue tied, Olivia stood aside to let him in.

She closed the door and turned around, he was inches away. He took her arms and raised them above her head with one hand. His other hand slowly trailed down her arm to cup one of her breasts, his thumb making a circle motion over the fabric covering her nipple. Olivia felt herself shiver in anticipation of what was to come……

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