It is fun to get to know a new partner both emotionally and sexually.

But what happens when your new girlfriend needs more sex than you do? Men often presume that they need more sex than women but this is not true. There are plenty of women and escorts inĀ that need more sex than their partners.

So, what do you do when you realize that your new girlfriend is more highly sexed than you are? It is not always any easy situation to deal with but many men are forced to deal with this situation on a daily basis. So, what do they do? Do they order male Kent escorts to give their girlfriends relaxing massages, or do they just let their girlfriends go frustrated.

Many Kent escorts are highly sexed and sometimes their partners just can’t keep up with them. Both male and female escorts seem to have a serious interest in sex, and they appreciate that there are alternatives. There are many things escorts say that you can throw into the arena of sex to manage a highly sexed partner.

Sex toys are a great idea. If you are new to sex toys it might be a good idea to order a brochure or check out a few web sites. There are some really fun sex toys out there, and it can be fun to play together. Your sexy partner may even have her own ideas to what she likes, and ask her to come up with suggestions.

If, your new partner needs to have several orgasms every time you have sex, you should invest in different types of vibrators. It gets boring to use the same vibrator all the time, so try to concentrate on finding a range of vibrators that are all a little bit different. There are many different shapes and sizes. Some women say that different types of vibrators give different types of orgasms, so it could be an idea to talk about what she needs before you buy.

It is great fun to play with your hands as well, but how can you make it even more fun? Oils are easy to use as part of sex play, and there are now even flavored oils. You can use your tongue and lips to stimulate your partner as well as your fingers. This gives sex play an overall body experience, and most women do like to be touched all over.

Practise your techniques, and you will be surprised on how many different ways you can pleasure your new sexy girlfriend using your hands, lips and tongue.

Love eggs are fantastic. They are very discreet and if you are into dirty weekends away, they are easy to pack in your toiletry bag. Love eggs have come a long way recently, and you can now even buy remote control love eggs for that extra bit of fun.

They are great for using as a nice surprise, and might even be a fun sexy game in a restaurant or on the beach when on holiday.

Coping with a sexy girlfriend might be a challenge at first, but I am sure you will learn how to enjoy it.

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